Odorox MVP48

The Odorox® MVP (Master VOC Processor) product line is the largest MVP and the most technically sophisticated and advanced industrial foul-air management system in the world.

MVP units, whether in single or multiple operation, are capable of working in huge internal areas and rapidly breaking down massive amounts and types of odours, pollutants, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) while simultaneously neutralising and destroying a long list of biological pathogens. The MVP48, whether in single or multiple use, is designed for heavy duty air processing for medium to large operations such as confined feeding operations - pig and chicken farms, heavy manufacturing, warehouses, food processing and breweries, paper mills, chemical plants, waste water treatment facilities, refuse transfer sites, rendering plants and many other industrial and commercial uses.

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Dimensions (w, l, h) 39" (990.6mm) x 31" (787.4mm) x 84.5" (2146.3mm)
Weight 455 lbs (206.8kg)

230V 60Hz @ 20 Amps

Control PLC / Touchscreen Control
Auto Mode w/ V.O.C. Sensor
Finish Marine Grade Aluminium Exterior
Number of Optics 48
Fans & Rating One 5000 CFM
Airflow Depends on Install
Filter (Optional)
Oxidants OH (Hydroxyls) and Trace O3 (Residual/Non-accumulative)
Certification EU CE, ETL Canada/US - CSA & UL Standards

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